Ethos and Values

Mission Statement

We give the opportunity for all our pupils to thrive in a nurturing learning environment. Our aim is to give pupils a fresh start at education and help change their perception of education and encourage them to see the value in it. We strive to build pupil confidence and resilience, offer encouragement, help them to aspire and achieve and to become the best version of themselves

Ethos and Values

We pride ourselves on being a nurturing and inclusive setting. Being a small provision allows us to help our pupils grow academically and also educate them on how to be a member of a community by instilling our core values, which are things we should each do in our everyday lives. We hope to promote this, along with promoting all British Values, with the following:


We value the acceptance and fair treatment of all people in our community. Social justice and compassion are highly regarded and actively pursued. We encourage the development of a wide range of curricular and cross-curricular opportunities throughout the School to help facilitate individual talents and interests. We want our students to be accepting and feel accepted, no matter their background, religion, sexuality or any other characteristics that make them who they are as a person.


We value strength of character, honesty and courage, guided by a strong moral code of behaviour.

Aiming High

Nobody is born knowing how to do everything. Learning is a life-long experience and as long as you are trying and aiming to be the best you can, then you are succeeding. Showing resilience when you find things difficult is a lifelong skill.

Taking Pride

Knowing you have tried your best and achieved all you can, is a reason to be proud, as is being kind to those around you. We want all of our pupils to have pride in everything they do and are able to look in the mirror and be proud of who they are and all they have achieved.

Tower Learning Centre is a DfE registered Independent School in Blackpool.
We offer Single Roll(Full Time) and Dual Roll Provision for those who have difficulty in accessing mainstream education for a variety of reasons.