Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome from the Headteacher – Kim McCormack

 At Tower Learning Centre we give the opportunity for all our pupils to thrive in a nurturing learning environment. Although many of our pupils have had bad experiences of education, many have been close to permanent exclusion in previous placements or have missed out on education for various reasons. Our aim is to give pupils a fresh start at education and help change their perception of education and encourage them to see the value in it.

We strive to build our pupil confidence and resilience, offer encouragement, help them to aspire and achieve and to become the best version of themselves.

Having worked in Alternative Provision settings for almost 10 years I have experienced young people from a number of different backgrounds. I am extremely proud to lead a team that is committed to pupils’ well-being, achieving high standards and providing the very best opportunities for all in our care. Staff work hard to deliver a rich and challenging curriculum; to prepare pupils for further education; and to help them acquire the skills and enthusiasm needed to embrace the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. This continues to be recognised beyond school and into their future lives.

I enjoy taking an active role in the education of our pupils and will take the time to get to know each of them personally, being approachable should they need any support from myself. I want all pupils to feel safe, supported and secure at Tower Learning Centre in order to give them the best chance to grow and succeed during their time with us.

I look forward to welcoming new pupils to our school and having positive relationships with parents, carers and providers

Tower Learning Centre is a DfE registered Independent School in Blackpool. We offer Single Roll(Full Time) and Dual Roll Provision for those who have difficulty in accessing mainstream education for a variety of reasons.